AEA R88 & TRP2 Ultimate Stereo Kit Special Savings!

AEA R88 & TRP2 Ultimate Stereo Kit Special Savings!

  • $ 2,499.00
  • Save $ 700

AEA's T.U.S.K. (The Ultimate Stereo Kit) offers huge savings!

Kit includes the R88 Mk2 Stereo Ribbon Mic, TRP2 Stereo Mic Preamp, SKB Hard Case and The New Stereo Soundbook

T.U.S.K. takes stereo recording to the next level by joining the clear, natural stereo image of the R88mk2 with the high-impedance, ribbon-tailored boost of the TRP 2. It’s a match made in stereophonic heaven. The kit also includes The New Stereo Soundbook, a comprehensive guide to stereo theory, philosophy and techniques.

The Ultimate Stereo Kit (T.U.S.K.) combines two of AEA’s most powerful creative tools to help you reach the apex of stereo recording. By pairing the natural clarity of the passive R88mk2 with the high-impedance, high-gain musicality of the TRP2, T.U.S.K. delivers the essential setup for recording organic, expansive stereo sound. Everything you need comes in a premium, durable hard case: the mic, the preamp, accessories (detailed below), and The New Stereo Soundbook. Co-authored by Ron Streicher and F. Alton Everest, this book is the definitive, comprehensive treatise on stereo recording. With T.U.S.K. at your disposal, you wield the finest stereo recording rig this world has ever heard.


  • R88mk2:
    • Features two Big Ribbons™ in a fixed Blumlein and mid-side configuration
    • Astonishingly open and natural sound
    • Far-field ribbon mic designed to retain low end and top end at a distance
    • Passive, stereo version of the Active, Mono N8
  • TRP2:
    • Two channels with 85dB of sweet and quiet JFET gain
    • Switchable phantom-power, polarity reverse, and high-pass filter
    • 63k ohm high-impedance circuitry providing better overall transients, frequency response,
    • and higher output sensitivity
    • Optimized for ribbon mics, low-output mics, and vintage mics
    • Switching power supply for easy use in any country


  • R88mk2
    • swivel adapter
    • protective mic sleeve
    • user manual
    • breakout cable
  • TRP2
    • switching power supply
    • IEC power cable
    • rubber pads and mounting screw
    • user manual