Beesneez Arabella Tube LDC Microphone ON SALE

  • $ 2,149.00

The Arabella is a premium tube condenser microphone that has been designed from the ground up - it is not a clone microphone. It shares lineage with the Neumann U47 and M49 and has been designed to take the best of each to make an extremely versatile condenser microphone.

The Arabella is the third tube condenser microphone designed by BeesNeez.  Beesneez wanted to create something different; to capture the essence of the venerable U47 with the versatility and build quality of the M49. By using only the best materials (bronze and brass), NOS European steel vacuum tubes, paper in oil and foil film capacitors, American made resistors that have been designed for use in medical imaging and a hybrid capsule that captures the sound of the M7 with the stability and repeatability of the K47 mixed with over 1000 hours in R&D.

The Arabella met and in many cases exceeded every expectation that we set out to achieve in the beginning. Sonically, we wanted to create a microphone that had a sense of cochlear linearity (TM) ie; hears and creates an amplified analogy of what we hear. The Arabella is a great classic sounding microphone that is a real go to, great for male and female vocals, natural sounding rooms and can take a real beating on drums or guitar cabs.

The Arabella Tube Condenser Microphone features our dual lapped K7 capsule, European Steel tube and 9 polar patterns.