Dizengoff Audio D864 Vari-mu Compressor

Dizengoff Audio D864 Vari-mu Compressor

  • $ 775.00


Modern Take On a Classic Vari-mu Compressor

Designed for the US military signal corp, the Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor found wide usage during WWII and the decade that followed.  The Dizengoff Audio D864 vari-mu compressor is a modernized take on that venerable design.

Sounds amazing on a broad variety of sources

The Dizengoff D864 Vari-mu Compressor is based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor; it uses an 6SQ7 tube, just like the original. Vari-mu compressors are celebrated for their musical behavior, and while they can be a bit fussy, once mastered, they are excellent studio tools — particularly when you're after a "sound" rather than just dynamics control. It's not your everyday, do-it-all compressor — but when you want to inject some personality into a signal, it's a great choice.

Additional features for the modern studio

The Dizengoff Audio D864 pays homage to the original Federal vari-mu design and adds valuable features — including variable attack and release, threshold, ratio, and input trim controls — that make it quite a desirable dynamics-shaping device for the modern studio. Dizengoff also outfitted the unit with a switchable bypass/stereo link switch, plus two very unique features: Growl and Glow.

Make your signal Growl and Glow

Growl switches parallel germanium compression into the circuit, adding a tasty, trashy bite to the signal. At lower levels it acts like a hard-knee limiter, adding just a hint of edge. At higher levels, it saturates and adds extra harmonic distortion. Glow modifies output-stage behavior, delivering a more midrange-forward response by shifting how the output transformer saturates.

Great parts and build quality

Dizengoff based the transformers on time-tested 1960s Peerless-Altec designs, which are highly regarded to this day for their signal quality — so much so that vintage examples fetch a tidy premium. Modern materials were used for optimized signal quality — including nickel-50 core material. The 2RU, all-aluminum chassis features a large, round 2.55" A-scale VU meter on the front panel. The knobs are made in Chicago by Daka Ware.

Dizengoff Audio D864 Vari-mu Compressor Features:

  • A modern take on the 1940s Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor
  • Employs a 6SQ7 tube, like the original Federal unit
  • Rugged, 2RU, all-aluminum chassis
  • Attack, release, threshold, ratio, and input trim controls
  • Growl feature switches parallel germanium compression into the circuit
  • Glow modifies output-stage behavior for a more midrange-forward response
  • Bypass/stereo link switch; VU meter

Dizengoff Audio - In Dizengoff's words, they "love to build affordable tributes to classic recording gear based on the original circuitry, but with a Chicago-inspired twist." That means they source as much of their materials from right in Chicago as they possibly can--from their Peerless and EMI-inspired signal transformers to their power transformers to their enclosures and knobs. The goal is to deliver affordable recreations of some of the most sought-after tube gear used on countless records.