DVX100A rentals

Rent industry-standard Panasonic DVX100A video camera for $65/day, $150/week, $225/month.

If you are outside the Portland area, you are charged from the day we ship the camera to you to the day it is returned to us.

What's included with the DVX100A?
Included with rental of the DVX100A camera are two Lenmar quick-charge batteries & charger, a Pelican travel case (small enough for airline carry-on) and a very basic tripod.  That's it!

What's not included?

Mini DV tape, lighting kits, extra lenses, external boom mics or wireless mics, stedi-cam, etc.  You supply everything but the camera! Mini DV tapes are usually available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc - plan ahead!
Gee, only $65 - I'll take it!
You'll need a valid driver's license and a Visa or MasterCard with a minimum credit limit of $1000 to cover any losses. If you don't have a credit card, you have the option of leaving a $1000 cash deposit.   If you want rental equipment shipped to you, you'll need to fax your valid driver's license and credit card.

Does Tidepool sell video equipment?
No, we just rent the DVX100A.  Our main business is selling & renting pro audio recording equipment.

Does Tidepool rent audio equipment?
Yes, see our main rental page!


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