Little Labs Multi Z PIP
List price $600, please call for a quote

The Little Labs Multi Z PIP 3.0 is a completely updated, refined replacement for the now classic Little Labs Multi Z Direct Box. The original source impedance optimized Little Labs circuit found in the original Multi Z DI and now in the Multi Z PIP, is highly regarded for its clarity, punch, bottom, and its ability to cut through a track with three dimensional excitement.

Little Labs added so many features to the original Multi Z Direct Box, they couldn´t call it just a direct box anymore. Multiple custom mods that were asked of Little Labs over the past ten years have been incorporated into the new Multi Z PIP. Use it as a super instrument pre-amp, use it as a re-amp, use it as a DI, use it as a mini instrument mixer, use it all together at once...The Multi Z PIP is all about flexibility and superior sonics!

Features and user selectable settings include:

* Balanced line level transformerless output
* Line level transformer isolated output (optional mic transformer)
* Instrument impedance/level pick-up emulation transformer output
* Pre transformers insert (use pro gear before your guitar amp)
* Volume expression pedal insert option
* Summing inputs, allowing up to 3 extra inputs to combine with the main input
* Completely separate re-amp circuit allows not only proper vintage effect interfacing, but gain make up for effective use on a console insert

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