Little Labs AES Digital Audio Mastering Router

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The AES Digital Audio Mastering Router 4.8 is a true mastering quality device for digital audio distribution and routing.


  • Sonically 'invisible', 'one button, one function' provides ease of use
  • High sample rate ready
  • Five selectable digital audio inputs for each digital audio output
  • Transformer isolated AES inputs and outputs with internal pin 1 ground lift jumpers
  • Properly terminates unselected AES outputs
  • No re-clocking or sample rate conversion - "it leaves the bits alone"
  • Rack mountable single rack space
  • Extremely high quality construction. Made in the U.S.A.

This Digital Audio Router was initially developed by Jonathan Little while working for A&M Studios & Mastering (the old A&M Chaplin lot, which is new home of The Jim Henson Company). Other routers and distributors designed for digital audio that were evaluated left a 'footprint' on the sound. The design objective was for a router that sounded exactly like two digitally-connected units, using a single "wide eye" style 110 ohm AES cable.

Ease of use was another issue that needed to be addressed. Some digital audio routers available offered great flexibility by eliminating the physical 'tangle', at the expense of a mental tangle, the dreaded heirarchical menu or multi sequence button pushing. What about the user who just wanted to push one button?

Sound quality of the Little Labs Digital Audio Router was approved by top-notch mastering engineers (Stephen Marcussen & Dave Collins), and the user interface was designed for complete technophobes!

The Little Labs Digital Audio Router has been refined both cosmetically and electronically from the original A&M model, though is still hand made to the highest standards. It uses a 4 layer circuit board, and all AES ins and outs are transformer coupled and internally ground liftable. All AES outputs (if not selected) are properly terminated (nothing else out there does that). You will experience no switching pops. You may use high sample rates and 24 bit digital audio with no sacrifice in performance. All digital flags & clocks remain intact while passing through this router. You can use this router with absolute confidence that you are not sacrificing a thing. The Little Labs AES Digital Audio Mastering Router is a "How did I work without it" tool that will greatly benefit any studio or mastering facility.

Owners of the Little Labs AES Digital Audio Mastering Router include Ocean Way / JVC Mastering Hollywood, Conway Recording Studios, Stephen Marcussen Mastering, The Mix Room, Marvins Room, Interscope Records, and producer David Kahne.

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