Gefell UMT70S FET
Large diaphragm, transformerless multi-pattern studio microphone

  • List price $2299
  • Multi-pattern large diaphragm
  • Original M7 capsule
  • Ultra-low noise circuit
  • Excellent dynamics & response

    Optional Accessories:
    • Shock mount: EA92 elastic suspension
    • Swivel adaptor: MH64

The Gefell UMT70S is a multi-pattern FET microphone that features the legendary M7 dual-membrane, gold evaporated capsule with a new, state-of-the-art low-noise capsule amplifier for exceptional transient response, wide bandwidth and a natural uncolored sound. The ultra-slim design benefits the Gefell UMT-70S with less acoustic field disruption around the microphone and greater placement ease when close mic'ing instruments. The UMT70S is ideal for recording, broadcast, voice-over and live sound reinforcement.

The Gefell UMT70S is a three-pattern side-address condenser with dual large-diaphragm & gold evaporated membranes. Transformerless output stage for exceptional dynamics. Each pattern yields a slightly different frequency response curve: the omni adds extra air in the 10kHz region while the cardioid and figure-8 have a 7kHz presence lift for voice. Comes with deluxe wood case.

Also available: Gefell MT71S, the cardioid-only version of the UMT70S. Please call for a price quote.

"We struggled to find a fault. This is undeniably a great microphone."
~ Audio Media magazine

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