Gefell M294 / M295 / M296 / M296S
Nickel diaphragm microphones


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  • Pure nickel membrane
  • Very accurate response
  • Extended harmonic detail
  • Symetrical power supply

    Optional Accessories:
    • Shock mount: EA20
    • Swivel adaptor: MH64


M294 / M295 large diaphragm 1" cardioid condenser microphones
The Microtech Gefell M294, like the M295, is a precision cardioid condenser 'pencil' microphone with an extended bandwidth for the utmost in natural sound reproduction. Derived from Gefell's test, measurement and instrumentation division, the Gefell M295 employs a pure 0.8 micron nickel diaphragm in a ceramic housing for temperature-stable performance. The extremely low membrane distortion of the pure nickel diaphragm assures an accurate reproduction of the source, even when subjected to extreme sound pressure levels. Gefell is the only modern manufacturer (to our knowledge) still producing a true nickel diaphragm microphone, which provides an incredibly detailed and sweet reproduction of the source.

Gefell M294 Applications
The M294 is corrected for mid to far field recording, and is characterized with an emphasized presence peak in the 8kHz region. This particular voicing allows the engineer to aim the microphone at the source capturing greater detail, clarity and depth while capturing the diffuse sound field.

Gefell M295 Applications
The M295 is corrected for near and mid field recording, and is characterized with a virtually linear upper stratum with only a very slight presence-rise, while the low-frequency content is naturally attenuated to compensate for proximity-build. This makes the M295 particularly well suited for close mic’ing of solo instruments where the most natural rendering is desired.

M296 / M296S large diaphragm 1" omnidirectional condenser microphones
The Microtech Gefell M296 is a precision omnidirectional microphone that features a pure nickel diaphragm for exceptionally accurate response throughout the audio bandwidth. A ceramic housing ensures temperature-stable performance and assures a uniform sensitivity at all frequencies. Ideal for ambient recording where a natural reproduction is desired. A choice of two models is available. The Gefell M296 has been corrected for the far-field with a slight presence rise on-axis for added detail, while the M296S provides ruler flat response that is suitable for true Class-2 test, measurement and instrumentation applications.

Gefell M296 Applications
The M296 features a linear response that extends to 20kHz with a slight presence rise to correct for use in the diffuse field. The natural and exceptionally detailed response of the M296 makes it ideal for all types of recording where capturing the natural sound or the instrument and the natural ambience is desired.

Gefell M296S Applications
The M296S transitions from the ‘musical’ characteristics that are voiced in the previous models to becoming a true measurement microphone. The Gefell 296S employs a 0.4micron ultra-thin, pure nickel diaphragm to assure absolute flat response both on and off axis, adhering to the DIN-EN 60.651 Class-2 criteria for sound level meters.

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