Gefell M200 M210 M270
Studio Condenser Microphones

  • Transformerless studio condenser mic
  • Call for a quote
  • Modular system
  • Choice of 3 pick-up patterns
  • Low noise output stage
  • 16mm gold diaphragm

    Optional Accessories:
    • Shock mount: EA20
    • Swivel adaptor: MH64
    • Windscreen: W20
    • Pop screen: PO70

The Gefell M200 cardioid microphone is one of three modular condenser mics that include the Gefell M210 hypercardioid and the Gefell M270 omnidirectional. Each microphone comes complete with capsule head and microphone amplifier and capsules are interchangeable for maximum flexibility. The combined use of ceramics and a hand stretched gold evaporated Mylar (PE) capsule provides a rich, natural tone for studio, broadcast, stage and location sound.

The Gefell M-200 cardioid, M-210 hypercardiod and M-270 omnidirectional mics comprise a modular system of mics with interchangeable capsules. Each microphone has an extended response for extremely accurate reproduction throughout the audio range. Ideal for recording, broadcast and live reinforcement where natural and colourless results are needed. All Microtech Gefell microphones are supplied with foam-lined wood case.

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