Gefell M930

Large diaphragm, compact transformerless microphone
  • Full size 1" gold capsule
  • Smooth, detailed sound
  • Very compact design
  • Ultra-low noise circuitry

The Microtech Gefell M930 is a great all-around German large diaphragm condenser microphone: impressively detailed and smooth sound, very low self-noise, extremely compact, all at a very attractive price. Read the rave review in England's SOS magazine to get an idea of just how good a mic the Gefell M-930 is. The Gefell M930 is often compared to the Neumann TLM103; we are happy to give our impressions of these mics, please call.   We often get calls from folks looking for their first 'pro' mic, one that will do a great job on vocals and voice-overs, but won't cost a fortune.  If that sounds like you, the Gefell M930 should be on the short list to consider.

The Gefell M930 (cardioid) and Gefell M940 (hypercardioid) and brand new Gefell M950 (wide cardeioid) combine a M9 1" gold evaporated capsule with an optically isolated capsule amplifier for low self-noise and excellent headroom. And the Gefell M-930's compact size makes it easy to position in tight spots. Available in stereo matched kits with choice of XY or ORTF mounting hardware.

The Microtech Gefell M-930 is supplied with pictured mounting clip; an optional shock mount is also available.

We've found that a great bang for the buck shockmount for the Gefell M930 is the Shure A53M doughnut-style isolation mount which sells for around $40. It does a great job of isolating the mic from low-frequency rumble.

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