Gefell UM92.1S Microphone
Large diaphragm multi-pattern vacuum tube microphone

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  • Original vintage design 
  • Famous M7 capsule
  • Classic tube mic


The Gefell UM92.1S is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern tube microphone with the vibe and character of a vintage Neumann-Gefell UM57, but with improved reliability and lower noise, necessary for contemporary high-resolution recording. The Gefell UM92.1 has a present midrange and extended top-end with a tight bottom end, creating tracks that cut through dense mixes. The Gefell M92.1S is a fixed cardioid pattern version of the UM92.1S.

The mic is packed in a handsome foam-lined wood box and is supplied with EA92 shockmount, power supply and a dedicated cable from mic to power supply.

Why not just buy a vintage mic? Before you take a chance on a 40 year old UM57, figure that you may easily spend $1,000 or more getting a replacement diaphragm and tune-up. For more information on what makes the M7 capsule used in these mics so special, read this.

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