Gefell M300

Small diaphragm cardioid microphone


  • List price $1199 each
  • Small diaphragm cardioid condenser
  • A tapers' favorite
  • M3 ceramic capsule
  • Exceptional sonic detail


"You'd be hard pressed to find a better acoustic guitar mic in this price range" 
Grammy award winner John Leventhal
Producer of Shawn Colvin, Rosanne Cash, Joan Osborne

The Gefell M300 is a work-horse microphone for a variety of applications. Every studio needs at least one pair of quality, low-noise small diaphragm microphones for piano, acoustic guitar and other critical recording applications. Small diaphragm mics generally produce a more accurate off-axis sound than large diaphragm microphones which can come in handy when mixing multiple tracks.

The Gefell M300 produces a natural and detailed sound due to its gold evaporated 16mm diaphragm and advanced circuitry. The Gefell M-300 is also extremely stable and linear at all temperatures, crucial for location sound for film and television production. At clubs and concerts, tapers can rely on the industry standard Gefell M300.

Gefell M300 microphones are also available in a factory-matched stereo package. Two factory-matched M300 mics, mounting clips, and a combination X-Y ORTF stereo bar are all packed in a single foam-lined box.

Gefell M300 Matched Set


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