Drawmer DL651

Six Channels of Dynamics for 5.1 Surround Sound

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The Drawmer DL651 is the industry's first dedicated multi-dynamics processor for surround mixing.

The Drawmer DL651 provide dynamics control in any format from mono to 5.1 surround with six independent expander/gates, six independent auto or manual compressors, six 'zero overshoot' limiters, and an LFE channel with the ability to link channels individually. In the studio, any analog audio source from mono to stereo to full surround can be handled in one unit. In live sound, drum processing or vocals can be dealt with in one easy to use unit, with both auto and manual operation. Alternatively, the unit can be re-configured at the push of a button to provide dynamic control and speaker protection without image-shift for surround sound in clubs.

Each section is derived from the industry standard Drawmer DL241 compressor to deliver transparent and predictable dynamic control. The six channels of processing are arranged vertically occupying only 3 rackspaces. Channel six gives the user the option to switch in a 120Hz filter to create an LFE channel. This feature is also useful to derive an LFE from a previously recorded five channel only, full bandwidth surround mix. Instinctively laid-out LED bargraph metering gives clear visual indication of all functions. Universal linking allow for the various configurations commonly used in multi-channel surround processing as well as the conventional stereo and single channel operation.

Controls and Features of the Drawmer DL-651:

PEAK LIMITER - Program Adaptive, variable Threshold, Zero Overshoot limiter variable from 0dB to +16dB. An LED display of limiter activity.
COMPRESSOR - Soft-Knee compressor with variable Threshold (-40dB to +20dB), Release (0.05 to 5 seconds), Ratio (1.2:1 to infinity), Attack (0.5 to 100mS) and Gain make-up (±20dB). Switchable auto/manual Attack and Release with LED status display.
EXPANDER/GATE - with variable Threshold control (-70dB to +20dB) and variable Release time from 0.05 to 1 second. Dual LED gate status display is provided.
METERING - Eight LED bargraph meters display gain reduction, input/output levels; single LEDs display Master/Link status and Bypass.
BYPASS - Each channel features switchable Bypass with LED status. A relay hard wire bypass system allows the unit to pass audio when the power is off.

Also Available: Drawmer DL241, DL251, MX30 & DL441 compressor limiters. Call for a price quote.

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