Drawmer DS501
Dual Channel Noise Gate with Peak Punch

List Price $990, call for price quote

The Drawmer DS501 is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate with fully tuneable 'Peak Punch' incorporating a number of features not found on conventional noise gates.

• 'Tuneable' Peak Punch
• variable high pass and low pass filters for "frequency conscious" gating
• comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range
• key input for external triggering
• "key listen" facility
• extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound
• balanced inputs and outputs
• stereo linkable
• can be used for gating or ducking

The Drawmer DS501 Power Gate features a dual mode tuneable Peak Punch processing section on each channel. In tuneable mode, a fully variable frequency selector with a range from 75Hz to 16kHz allows the user to shape the transients of the gated signal and tune-in to the particular area of the audio spectrum where the Peak Punch is to be active. A variable ‘more’ control allows tailoring the amount of processing. A secondary Full Band Peak Punch mode is also available.

Designed principally for drum gating, tuneable Peak Punch can add transient punch to frequencies lacking in individual drum sounds, adding greater definition and presence to the gated signal. Using low frequency Peak Punch adds depth to thin drums, while higher frequency Peak Punch can dynamically emphasise rim shots or the crack of a snare drum.

Drawmer revolutionized drum gates by using two variable filters, one high-pass and one low-pass, which act upon the side-chain keying circuitry. By setting the output switch to key listen, the user can hear the action of the filters and adjust them to reject spillage from other drums, enabling the gate to only open on desired frequencies.

The DS501 can open in microseconds, preserving the natural attack of the sound. The comprehensive envelope controls allows the gain to be changed at whatever rate best suits the material being processed. With vocals for example, a fairly fast attack is needed so as not to clip the leading consonants, but a slower release time will prevent the end of words being clipped off and will also fade out any noise gradually and naturally.

Another use of the Drawmer DS-501 is in the reshaping of existing sounds. A sampling delay line may be used to store a sound to be re-triggered and added to a mix. The DS-501 can be used to impart a slower attack or faster decay; careful setting of the decay envelope can effectively hide most noise present at the end of the sample. When using a sampler or drum machine, the gate can be considered a triggered envelope shaper due to the wide range of the envelope controls.

Key inputs allow the gate to be triggered externally. For example, a snare drum signal can trigger the gate on an ambient microphone to create a 'natural' gated reverb.

Also available: Drawmer DS201 & DS404 noise gates; please call for price quotes.


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