Drawmer 1968 compressor
Drawmer 1968 compressors on sale - Call for price!

The Drawmer 1968 is a new two-channel compressor combining a JFET compressor (think of the venerable 1176) with a tube output section. The variable-gain tube output stage allows anything from clean to overdriven tones.

Both channels of the Drawmer 1968 have a switch labeled ‘big’, which controls a detector-stage high-pass filter. This filter helps compress bass heavy mixes while minimizing pumping artifacts. The 'big' mode is especially useful for buss compression. For tracking, turn 'big' off if you want to add extra coloration.

Drawmer 1968 compressor features include:

  • JFET, voltage-controlled resistor design
  • Variable threshold, attack, and release
  • Dual mono or true stereo link operation
  • Side-chain access and listen capability
  • VU metering of gain reduction and output
  • Switchable +10dB VU re-scale mode for working at hot output levels
  • Red VU 'almost clipping' warning light
  • Balanced +4dB XLR I/O

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