Drawmer SP2120

Dual channel speaker protector

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Have your speakers ever been damaged because they were played too loud?

The Drawmer SP2120 Speaker Protector offers both level control and peace of mind since it is key-locked. The two channel processor eliminates the possibility of excessive sound pressure levels which could damage speakers and amplifiers. The Drawmer SP-2120 gives clubs, theatres and schools a method of complying with any legislation regarding sound levels.

Main Features:
• Key holder access only
• Installs in minutes
• Dual 16 segment left/right bargraph metering
• Protection processing 16 segment bargraph display
• Completely eliminates the possibility of unauthorized volume levels
• Reduces down time and likelihood of speaker and amp repairs
• Isolation transformer output option

The SP2120 front panel features an integral security lock to ensure that adjustments to maximum volume levels are implemented by key holders only. In 'unlocked' mode, two front panel pre-sets are exposed and available for adjustment by the installer. The first calibrates the 16 segment left/right bargraphs to the incoming audio and dictates the point at which protection processing commences. The second sets the absolute volume level to which the sound system will attain. If the SP2120 receives increased signal levels, protection circuitry is activated which maintains the specified system volume level with a minimum of sonic artifacts.

The SP2120 greatly benefits from Drawmer's 25 years experience in designing industry standard dynamic processing devices. Its signal path combines a mixture of 'multiple time constant' circuitry and automatic gain control (AGC). The concept and development was encouraged by installers dissatisfied with other protection systems, which often take the form of a crude switch, by either turning off the power or disconnecting the speakers. The SP2120 operates at line level and is placed in the sound system immediately prior to the amplifier stage.

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