Drawmer 1969
Classic tone dual channel strip
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The Drawmer 1969 dual channel strip features:

  • 2 mic/line pre-amps with variable gain, 48V phantom power, filters and phase reverse.
  • Instrument tube pre-amp with variable gain, EQ, phase reverse and brightness boost.
  • 2 soft-knee tube compressors with variable threshold, attack, release and output gain.
  • True stereo link operation with BIG position for retaining bass frequencies.
  • Side chain access and side chain listen facility.
  • VU metering of gain reduction and output levels.
  • Individual +4dB/-10dB inserts / Balanced +4dB XLR input/output connectors.
  • Based on Drawmer’s original 1960 Mic Pre-Amp/Tube Compressor (itself inspired by the  classic Fairchild 670), the 1969 offers a host of new features, and a completely new sound.

Building on the foundation of the Drawmer 1960, the Drawmer 1969 uses Burr-Brown op amps for a silky sound and phase reverse switches in instrument, mic and line modes increases versatility. The 1969 employs true stereo link operation with channel one’s Threshold, Attack and Release controling both channels. Stereo link also has a 'Big' position to retain bass frequencies by rolling off the detection signal at 100Hz minimizing undesirable pumping during compression. Output gain make-up can be independently controlled on each channel.
The Drawmer 1969 incorporates new tube circuits designed to add warmth to mic/line signals, and the instrument (DI) pre-amp has its own tube stage enabling classic overdrive effects on guitar, bass and other instruments.

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