Chandler Ltd. TG2
TG2 EMI/Abbey Road mic preamp - in stock, call for price

The new Chandler TG2 Abby Road/EMI mic preamp is the definitive recreation of a pre amp used in rare EMI/Abbey Road consoles that produced late 60’s and early 70’s classic recordings, including Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon. The Chandler EMI TG-2 preamp uses the same discrete transformer balanced circuit amplifiers as the Chandler TG1 limiter and produces a warm, smooth tone with an open, clear top end.

The big, natural sound of the Chandler TG2 is useful for warming up individual tracks or entire mixes. Just run them through the mic inputs, and set the inputs to minimum gain (+5db); adjust the output for unity gain. Experiment with higher gain settings for extra coloration. Requires optional PSU-1 external power supply.

The Chandler TG2 preamp now includes front-panel switchable 1200 ohm & 300 ohm selectable microphone input impedance. Just try each setting with your microphones and use whichever sounds best.

Input gain: 1200 & 300 ohm transformer balanced input with 5-75 db of gain.
Phantom power: 48 volt
Output: Functions as a console fader- after the gain stage and before the output stage.
Direct In: Unbalanced high impedance instrument input.

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