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The Chandler Abbey Road edition TG Channel Mk II is a re-creation of several classic circuits and combines a TG2 preamp section with a passive EQ circuit redesigned from the mastering counterpart to the original EMI ‘Beatles desks’. The active portions of the Chandler TG Channel use the same discrete amplifiers and transformers as in the TG1 Limiter and TG2 preamp. Mic signal is variable from -15 dB to +55 dB, line signal is variable from -15 dB to +45 dB. 48 V phantom included.
The passive eq portion is an all-inductor design giving sweet highs with inductor based lows with a very high ‘Q’ mid cut section. Due to its passive inductor design, the TG Channel will draw comparisons to the Pultec EQP-1 and the Lang PEQ-2. A PSU-1 power supply is required.

Low EQ
Up to 20 dB of boost and a select switch that combines shelf and peak settings on the same control. Both peak and shelf characteristics are inductor based, and on the peak settings the ’Q’ gets sharper with more boost. Each curve type offers a specific type of sound for great flexibility. Peaks are at 50, 70, 100 & 200 Hz. Shelves at 100 & 200 Hz. Separate 100 Hz low cut filter.

Mid EQ
Up to 20 dB of cut at six selected points (350, 400, 500, 600, 700 & 850 Hz) with very sharp ‘Q’. All inductor based.

High EQ
Up to 18 dB of boost with a switch the combines shelf and peak settings. This section was designed to produce two types of sounds: the shelf characteristic is a capacitor design while the peak is inductor based. The ‘Q’ of the peaking portion gets sharper with more boost and is combined with a high ’Q’ switch for even more control.
Shelf: 16k, 12k, 8.1k, 6.8k
Peak: 5.8k, 3.9k, 2.2k, 1.8k, 1.2k

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