Chandler Ltd.

Chandler Limited produces colorful signal processors for the retro fanatic. The Chandler Ltd. Germanium, Germanium Tone Control,TG1, TG2, LTD1, LTD2 and TG Channel Mk II are hand-built in Iowa, with point to point wiring and period-correct British transformers. Tidepool Audio is the exclusive Northwest-based pro audio dealer of Chandler compressors, limiters, mic preamps and equalizers. The TG1 limiter, TG2 preamp and TG MkII Channel are now officially part of the 'Abbey Road Special Edition' equipment.  What this means is that Chandler has the full backing of, and is the sole provider of, EMI/Abbey Road Studio-sanctioned audio circuits. Too cool. Call to arrange a demo or get a price quote on this vibey gear.

Links to all Chandler Limited gear are below.

Germanium Pre-amp - in stock - call to place order!

Chandler's newest series of units starts off with the GERMANIUM pre amp. A completely new design that uses classic germanium transistors in all class A, transformer balanced, circuits. The use of germanium devices opens a whole new sound palate not found in any pro audio equipment currently manufactured.

These incredibly smooth sounding transistors were the basis of the earliest transistor designs by Neve (1053, 1055, 1057), EMI ( TG12345 MKI), Telefunken, and Fairchild. Those familiar with these units can attest to the special sound of the germanium tranasistor. The GERMANIUM series runs on +40 volt power, high current, and has a huge +34 output before clipping. The sound is warm and smooth as with many vintage style circuits, but you'll find a whole new world of smooth here as well as a sound that settles in perfectly to your tracks without fighting. Add these new circuits to Chandler's new transformer line that combines the best parts of our favorite trannies, St Ives and Gardners, into new great sounding input and output transformers.


Germanium Compressor - in stock - call to place order!

The Germanium series continues with the GERMANIUM Compressor. The GERM Comp starts with the same all class A amp found in the GERM Pre and Tone Control and is transformer balanced in and out. The Compression circuit uses a FET gain reduction element but with the tricks and flexibilty of all the GERM units. Some of the most notable additions include a WET/DRY mix (for “submixing” tracks within the comp), COMP CURVE (which selects the knee using various diode combinations), CLEAN/DIRTY COMP, and SIDECHAIN FILTER. Many of the GERM Comp parameters have been purposely set by studio use and listening, not by over analysing them with test gear. The result is a musical powerhouse for ready for tracking, mixing, and mastering.


Germanium Tone Control EQ

Chandler's newest series of units continues with the GERMANIUM Tone Control. The Tone Control uses active AND passive EQ circuits in combination with the GERMANIUM amplifier developed for the GERMANIUM Pre and incorporates the versatile Feedback and Drive controls as well. All bands use inductors for the fattest smoothest tone possible. The passive low frequency section is selectable between "Pultec/Lang" interactive curves and more standard low frequency with pass filter for maximum flexibility while the Treble and Presence bands are active and designed to sound like your favorite British EQs from yesteryear. The Tone Control continues the GERMANIUM tradition of undeniable sound with maximum flexibility at a reasonable price. Fans of the Germanium Pre are sure to love it!


Chandler Mini Rack Mixer

The Chandler Limited Mini Mixer is the culmination of Chandler's experience working with many types of vintage, discrete circuits. The Mini Rack Mixer traces its lineage back to several types of these amplifiers developed in the 60’s and 70’s that have been Chandlerized for modern usage.

Each Channel of the 16x2 Mixer is transformer balanced and driven by the New Chandler Line Amp, which borrows from Chandler's other products but has been redesigned for use in this mixer. The Mini Mixer is jam-packed with discrete amps and classic sound, 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers in the unit, and delivering all the punch and tone you need for todays digital environment.

In addition to the mixer section, the unit has a full featured Control Room section including Talkback, Speaker switching, Mute, Mono, Dim, External input (also used as an insert point), and separate Control Room and Stereo Buss outs. Mixers are easily expandable to 32 channels or more.


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