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ADAM A3X - $329 ea

ADAM A5X - $499 ea

ADAM A7X - $699 ea

ADAM A8X - $999 ea


ADAM S1X - $1400 ea

ADAM S2X - $ 2250 ea

ADAM S3X-V - $2750 ea

ADAM S3X-H - $5500 ea

ADAM S4X-V - $4500 ea

ADAM S5X-V - $6500 ea

ADAM S6X - $17,750 ea

ADAM S7A Mk 2 - $24,000 ea

ADAM DA-SX - D/A convertor for SX Series - $500 ea

ADAM studio monitors are designed for one goal: accurate translation of mixes. With ADAM, the engineer will not be second-guessing levels, eq and placement of sources. ADAM monitors produce a wide & stable image, so you are not locked into a small sweet spot while mixing. Users of ADAM monitors include Abbey Road Studios, Universal Studios, CCRMA at Stanford University, Julliard School recording department and Eminem.

Designed and built in Germany, ADAM monitors utilize proprietary ART™ (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) for a smooth yet detailed sound. The woofers used in the SX Series have diaphragms made from an extremely light and rigid material called Hexacone™. These woofers produce tight, accurate and extended bass. All ADAM monitors have heavily braced, compact cabinets designed to minimize unwanted resonance. Front baffles are radically beveled to minimize diffraction. Controls on the ADAM active monitors allow the user to compensate for placement and room anomalies.



ADAM S7 Subwoofer

ADAM Audio Sub7 powered subwoofer. Built on the heritage of ADAM's professional studio monitors, the Sub7 has been designed to complement the A5X and other small monitors.

The Sub7's small footprint allows for easy placement in small spaces. The front panel features two motorized controls for input level and crossover frequency settings for dialing in the optimal settings for each environment. These knobs can also be controlled with an included wireless remote control, allowing users to optimize their sound reproduction without leaving the listening position.

The Sub7 is equipped with both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA in and output connectors and numerous controls. A 0deg;/180° phase switch and a switchable 85Hz highpass help tailor the sound to the system and room. The low cut off frequency of 31 Hz (-3 dB point) enables this subwoofer to fill out the lows of any system while keeping a compact form factor.

The Sub7 is finished in the traditional ADAM matte black. In addition to desktop audio recording applications, the Sub7 is well suited to mobile and broadcast applications, surround set-ups, and multimedia uses such as gaming and home audio.

ADAM S8 Subwoofer - $799
The Sub8 has an 8“ woofer with a large 50mm voicecoil, driven by a 160W ICE power amp. This amp stays cool while handling maximum sustained power levels. The front baffle features two motorized (!) knobs that let you tailor input level and crossover frequency settings for the best performance in your studio. These knobs can be controlled with an included wireless remote, allowing you to optimize your sound reproduction from your ideal listening position. The Sub8 is an great addition to monitors such as the A7X & A8X.

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