Lauten Audio Horizon HTML1000 - $899 each
Sale on factory matched pair - open box demos, not a scratch - $1450

Proven, Versatile, Rugged, Affordable, Quality
The Horizon Tube Microphone will help you get the sound you've been looking for. You won't find another microphone that can match the component quality, sound, and value on the market today.

"If you're in the market for a condenser mic in this price range, I would give the Horizon serious consideration, as it delivers a sophisticated richness that I associate with mics many times the price." Allen Farmelo - TapeOp Magazine

One microphone, many applications
You may be looking for a great microphone with a specific purpose, but what if you can have a microphone that sounds great in many applications? Our customer feedback has proven the Horizon can be that mic. From Grammy-winning producers to small and home studio owners, we have received positive feedback on many applications. Everything from killer guitar amps, mix-cutting vocals, tight snare drums, rich acoustic guitars, and even instruments like concertina and mandolin. Horizon owners have spoken: It will perform for you.

"I can't say enough how great the Horizon was on the floor tom. And the guitar amp sounds with the two mics (ST-221 & Horizon) is....well, it's sick, really, how good it is. " Ken Stringfellow - The Posies, REM, The Disciplines

Perfect in any studio, home or commercial
Each microphone comes with a shock mount and hard mount to meet the challenges of any studio. The hard mount is perfect for tight spaces or close micing. The shock mount reduces excessive noise caused by foot tapping or outside noise. You get added versatility from the shock mounted capsule. This reduces external vibrations no matter which mount you use.

"...there's a familiar harmonic richness to the top end that I associate with other tube condensers, like Ela M 251 and U 67's" Allen Farmelo - TapeOp Magazine Excellent performance on-stage

Think you can't use a large diaphragm tube mic on stage? Think again! The Horizon tube microphone has proven to be an excellent microphone for live sound recording. With superb off-axis rejection, the bleed from other instruments is minimized. Multiple mounting options make the Horizon easy to place. The mounts and the shock-mounted capsule eliminate noise problems often found with other microphones.

"...very easy to handle on stage; feedback was no problem at all. ...checked the Horizon's sensitivity to footfall noise on a wooden stage. It did very well, much better than the other live sound mics... Off-Axis rejection was surprisingly good. " Peter Brigel - Analog Audio

Expensive preamp optional
With approximately 10dB higher output, you won't need to rely on expensive preamplifiers to achieve great sound. Two attenuation choices reduce amplitude by 10 or 20 decibels with no sound distortion. These features help you achieve superior results on a large variety of instruments and voices.

" guitarist claimed that this was the best-recorded guitar sound he had ever gotten." Paul Vnuk Jr., - RECORDING Magazine
"We're loving the Horizon's on drum overheads." Matt Boudreau, - Broken Radio Studios - San Francisco, CA

Rugged build quality
Hold the Horizon Tube Microphone in your hand, and you can feel the quality. Built from a solid piece of brass, the body is extremely rugged. The lollipop style head is designed to withstand a hard lick from a drum stick. A robust build quality is necessary to handle years of studio use and protect the premium electronics inside.

"Like all great mics, the Horizon's got a SOUND... Built like a tank, this mic can handle anything." Nick Raskulinecz - Multi-Grammy winning Producer

High-end electronics
Internally, the Horizon Tube Microphone features a carefully constructed capsule which accurately captures sound waves. The military grade vacuum tube generates a fantastic tone. Finally, the world's finest capacitors and precision wound output transformer offer exceptional performance and clarity.

"After whittling it down to 3 possibles from 10 in all cases in a blind test the Horizon rose to the top beating out mics 5 times the price, needless to say my client took it..." Matt Allison - Dockyard Studios


  • Hand tuned large diaphragm capsule
  • Internal shock mount
  • NOS (New-old-stock) military grade vacuum tube
  • High resolution capacitors
  • Robust body milled from solid brass -10 & -20dB pad
  • Custom wound output transformer
  • Low self-noise

Included Accessories

  • Custom power supply
  • Hard mount
  • Mic bag Premium
  • Gotham 7-Pin tube mic cable
  • Shock mount
  • Deluxe flight case


  • Cardioid Dimensions       8.8 x 2.4in
  • Freq. Response          20Hz to 20kHz
  • Dynamic Range          120dB minimum
  • Impedance          <200 ohms Max.
  • SPL          0.5% THD @ 1000Hz: 120dB (140dB Pad engaged)
  • Self-noise level          <20dB(A)
  • Sensitivity          32mV/h2a OR -30±2dB ? 0dB=1V/h2a 1000Hz ?
  • Special Features          2-step -10 & -20dB pad
  • Connectors          7-Pin XLR & Standard XLR
  • Power Requirement          Custom power supply 100 to 230v

Some suggested uses include: Female & male vocals, voice over, acoustic guitar, electric & bass guitar amps, drums including; snare, tom toms, floor toms and bass drums, percussion, overheads, piano, brass, strings, live sound; including amps, piano, drums and overheads.



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