Heil Microphones

Heil PR20 - Call for price The PR20 is a great dynamic microphone for vocals, snare and cymbals. With its impeccable articulation the PR 20 makes a great hand mic for broadcasters.

Heil PR30 - Call for price The frequency response and articulation of the PR 30 is perfect for guitars and toms. The PR30 also makes a nice vocal mic.

Heil PR35 - Call for price This is the dedicated handheld version of the PR 30. The Heil PR35 has additional isolation from handling noise, thumps that are transmitted through a stand, etc.

Heil PR40 - Call for price The PR40, with its extended frequency response, is an ideal mic for kick drums and bass guitar.  Some vocalists are finding the PR40 to be a great alternative to a condensor mic.  With its superb rear rejection the PR 40 is a must for broadcasters.



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