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Focal has officially released their new Trio6 Be monitor priced at $2795 each. It's a 3-way near-field comprised of an 8" woofer, 5" midrange and 1" Beryllium tweeter. The mid and tweet are on a rotatable baffle which facilitates vertical or horizontal placement. Tri-amped with 150/150/100 watts. We're taking pre-orders now.



The Solo6 Be is an active, two-way, professional nearfield monitor speaker. The Focal Solo6 is bi-amped, with 150 watts for the woofer and 100 watts for the tweeter. It has a 6.5" “W” cone sandwich composite woofer, with a large section laminar bass port and a Focal pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter.

The Solo6 Be is designed for near field monitoring and should be placed at a distance between three feet and ten feet from the engineer.

The Focal Solo6 BE can be placed on top of the mixer's meter bridge or on speaker stands. The Focal Solo6 Be monitors can be placed vertically or horizontally. It is recommended that the tweeter is at the same height as the listener’s ears.

Want more info on the Focal Solo 6 speakers? Here is a complete, unabridged review.

Focal Twin6 Be Monitor

The Twin6 Be is an active, three way, professional nearfield/midfield studio monitor. It has three built-in amplifiers: two 150 watt amps and one 100 watt amp for the tweeter. The Focal Twin6 Be has two 6.5" “W” cone sandwich composite woofers, loaded by two large section laminar bass ports and a Focal pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Both 6.5” drivers handle low frequencies but only one of the two (user selectable) contains lo-mid frequencies.

Focal Sub6 Subwoofer

The Sub6 is an active subwoofer (350 watts – BASH technology) for professional monitoring sytems. It has a 11" Focal woofer with a “W” sandwich composite cone loaded by a large section laminar port. The Sub6 subwoofer is an ideal match with a pair of Solo6 Be monitors or five Solo6 Be monitors in a 5.1 set-up.

It can also be used both as LFE channel in a home theater surround system or as a subwoofer in a stereo system.

The Focal Sub6 has a stereo high pass filter ( selectable, 75 or 100Hz) for the left and right satellites, low pass filter (adjustable) with mono summation, phase inverter, phase fine tuning, mute switch, 2.1 bypass with a footswitch for remote control (not included).

Focal CMS - entire range in stock - CMS40, CMS50, CMS65, CMS SUB - in stock




Focal Spirit Pro Headphones - closed back design for isolation while tracking - in stock - $349





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