DPA is a leading manufacturer of high quality condenser microphones for professional applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, film, video, house of worship, teleconference and sound reinforcement environments. Formerly known as B & K microphones, DPA is the choice when absolute sonic accuracy of is the goal. In contrast to nearly all other manufacturers in the world, DPA microphones employ zero equilization in the preamp stage, resulting in textbook-perfect phase response on and off axis.

Some noted users of DPA microphones are Yo Yo Ma (most recent concert tour), Mountain Heart (4061 every instrument), KD Lang (entire string section), Ricky Skaggs (4061 on mandolin) and Mark Knopler's new release (acoustic guitar, principal mic is 4061). Installations include the Stradivarius Society, Hollywood Bowl and the newly-built Disney Hall. Due to their accuracy, DPA mics are also the choice of NASA for capturing the space shuttle on lift-off, and of Forumula One race teams for monitoring engine vibration.

DPA microphones - New 4099 musical instrument microphone range

DPA believes that musicians deserve to get the best sound possible from their instruments when playing live. The company has taken its groundbreaking technology, revered by live, recording and broadcast professionals for capturing the most natural, uncoloured sound possible, and created a range of cost-effective mics handcrafted in Denmark for a wide array of musical instruments, complete with robust carrying cases and gentle, discreet mounting solutions.

The first four models in the new range are the 4099 Guitar, 4099 Sax, 4099 Trumpet and 4099 Violin. Each 4099 is meticulously designed and optimized for one particular instrument family, to ensure the finest audio reinforcement when performing live. Further instrument-specific mics are in the pipeline.

All 4099 condenser microphones feature supercardioid polar patterns for highly uniform off-axis frequency response and superior gain-before-feedback. Capable of handling high sound pressure levels - particularly important for trumpet players - these microphones live up to DPA's pedigree of breathtaking clarity and richness.

Despite their tiny, discreet size and lightweight design, 4099s are rugged and stable, while the versatile gooseneck provides stable positioning. Yet the mics can easily be unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand. Furthermore, the 4099 microphone mounting system is designed to be extremely gentle, never marring the finish of an instrument.

The MicroDot connector and more than 35 available DPA adapters ensure compatibility with just about any wireless system, and the product can also be used as a standard 48V phantom powered microphone via its supplied XLR connector.

Please go to the DPA website for a wealth of information on all DPA products as well as microphone tranducer theory and practical applications.

Please call if you are interested in a demonstration of any of the DPA microphone products.  We will be happy to assist in procuring DPA demonstrator products for your requirements.


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