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We sell & rent quality pro audio equipment to people who appreciate good sound. Tidepool Audio was started in Portland, Oregon in 2003. We ship fast! No sales tax ever!

Tidepool Audio is an authorized dealer for AEA microphones, AKG, Apogee Electronics, Ashman Acoustics, Audio-Technica, Avantone, Avedis Audio, BeesNeez microphones, Burl Audio, Cascade microphones, Chandler Ltd, Cloud, Coles microphones, Crane Song, Daking, DPA microphones, Drawmer, Dynaudio monitors, Earthworks microphones, Ebtech, Elysia compressors, Empircal Labs, Euphonix, Eventide, Focal monitors, Frontier Designs, Great River Designs, Hear Back monitor systems, Heil microphones, Hosa, IsoAcoustics, Josephson microphones, KRK monitors, Kush Audio, Lauten Audio microphones, LaChapell Audio, Lavry Engineering, Little Labs, Lynx Studio Technology, Metric Halo, Microtech Gefell microphones, Millennia Media, Mogami cables, Monster Cable, On Stage stands, Peluso microphones, Phoenix Audio, Primacoustic, Radial, Retro Instruments, RME, Rupert Neve Designs, Schoeps microphones, Shure Bros, True Systems, Ultimate Support Systems stands, Universal Audio and Z Systems.  All items we carry have the full manufacturer's warranty.

Minimal overhead + knowledge = great value
Instead of taking out large advertisements and mailing catalogs with every brand under the sun, we specialize in quality products that satisfy our own picky tastes. Our overhead is minimal compared to chain stores & catalog houses so you'll save money! 
Call us for a price quote or to inquire about a demo.

Hours are 10 to 7 Pacific time, Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday. 
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Ready to place an order? We accept all major credit cards, USPS money orders and personal checks. We also accept payments made through Square & Paypal. Many of our items ship from stock - we're fast! Please click our ordering page for details.

Ashman Acoustics SOM50 - New matched omni microphone sets from our neighbors in Seattle. Matched stereo pairs (+, - 1 dB!) These are great distance mics with a nice rise in the top and also work well close-in - no proximity effect! Call for a demo $599/pair!

Cascade Microphones - great-sounding cost-effective ribbon microphones - from $129! Complete line including Fat Head, Fat Head II with or without Lundahl transformer, Vin-Jet, Knuckle Head - singles and stereo pairs! Run, don't walk to Tidepool

RND 5060 CENTERPIECE - Rupert Neve master 24 x 2 summing console with talkback section & monitor switcher. Legendary pedigree board, compact size - in stock

Universal Audio Apollo 16 - 16 analog in/out DAW interface with built-in UAD-2 Quad Core - Windows or Mac - $2999

ADAM F5 - Affordable ADAM monitor, compact size - IN STOCK - $249 each
5" woofer & tweeter are biamped

ADAM F7 - Affordable ADAM monitor, compact size - IN STOCK - $399 each
7" woofer & tweeter are biamped

Apogee Quartet - 4 channel desk-top USB Apple computer audio interface from the industry leader! In stock - $1395

IsoAcoustics - Reduce vibrations from your monitors! Results in clearer sound top to bottom. Probably the most cost-effective upgrade for your studio - in stock

ISO-L8R130 $79.99/pair

ISO-L8R155 $99.99/pair

ISO-L8R200 $149.99/pair - for Focal Twin 6, etc

ISO-L8R200 Sub $49.99 each - for subwoofers

ISO-L8R430 $89.99 each - for Focal SM9 monitors, etc

Retro Instruments - OP6 Portable Amplifier, Double Wide 500 compressor, 176 & Sta-Level limiters, Powerstrip & 2A3 EQ - old school fat tones from with modern componentry & design - killer sound using classic designs as a starting point. Experience lower noise, low maintenance & increased sonic flexibility over vintage designs.

Burl Audio - state of the art digital audio conversion with fat input transformers. Two-channel B2 A/D and D/A converters and B80 Mothership Chassis & modules - configure your dream system with this modular system. B1 & B1D 500-series mic preamps - give a listen to these punchy preamps

LaChapell Audio - Handmade tube microphone preamp and preamp/eq combos. Model 992EG statement dual channel mic preamp and 583s and 583e 500-series modules.


Apogee Symphony I/O - latest digital audio conversion from the industry leader. Breath-taking audiophile quality. Symphony I/O systems start at $2995. USB, Thunderbolt & Symphony 64 connectivity.
In stock, call to arrange demo.

Josephson microphones - World's most advanced microphones. C700A, C700S, C715, C716, e22S, C617SET, CM42, C42MP - all models in stock, call to arrange a demo.

AKG - microphones, headphones and stands - full line

Avedis MA5 500 series mic preamp - with 28k 'Air' switch - in stock

Dynaudio DBM50 monitors - $895/pr - in stock

AEA RPQ 500 - 500 series mic/line preamps with musical & intuitive eq - wake up your ribbon mics with these fabulous modules - in stock

KRK monitors & headphones - RP5G2, 12S subwoofer - LOWEST PRICES ON EARTH

BeesNeez microphones - complete line, call to arrange a demo

Ultimate Support Systems - industry-standard rugged stands - full line

Shure microphones - SM7, KSM series, Beta - complete line on sale

Radial Workhorse 10-space 500 series racks & Radial Cube 3-space 500 series portable racks - IN STOCK

API-style 10-space 500 series racks - $850

Universal Audio UAD-2 Thunderbolt, PCIe & Satellite Firewire interfaces

Daking - Mic Pre One, MicPreEQ, MicPre4, MicPre500 - in stock

Empirical Labs - Distressor, Fatso, DerEsser, Lil Freq, Mike-E - full line

AEA R84 Silver Edition - 25th Anniversery SLE mic - in stock

Headway EDB-1 $225 - acoustic guitar mic preamp/eq - in stock

Phoenix Audio - mic preamps, channel strips, eq & Nicerizer summing mixer

Great River Designs - mic preamps & eqs - standard & 500 series in stock

On Stage stands - microphone & monitor stands - in stock

K & M stands - microphone & monitor stands - full line

Audio Ease - Altiverb, Snapper & complete line of software

- Class-leading effects processors - Eclipse, H7600, H8000FW, complete line

Monster Cable - microphone, instrument & DAW cables for stage & studio

Universal Audio UAD2 card - Access UA's class-leading plugins!
UAD-2 Solo, Duo & Quad PCIe cards - with $50 vouchers

UAD-2 Solo Flexi, Duo Flexi & Quad Flexi PCIe cards - with $500 vouchers
UAD-2 Octo - most powerful UA card ever!

Metric Halo - ULN8, LIO, 2882, ULN2 - cutting edge mobile audio converters

Mogami cables -
complete line of microphone cables & analog & digital cables for your recording setup. Guitar & bass cables too! Mogami is the industry-standard for great sound, durability and reasonable prices.

Apogee Duet iPad/Mac - elegant USB interface for Apple computers - $595
Apogee One, Duet ios, Quartet, Symphony - complete Apogee line in stock!

Euphonix MC Transport - new, factory-sealed, full warranty - $199

Lauten Audio Atlantis, Oceanus, Horizon, Clarion & Torch microphones - stunning sound & high fit and finish - Give a listen, call to arrange a demo, all models in stock!

Lavry Engineering
- State of the art digital audio converters - in stock, call for a demo
AD11 - two channel analog to digital converter with mic preamps - $1680
DA11 -
two channel digital to analog converter with localization controls & USB $1480

Schoeps microphones -
Only Schoeps authorized dealer in the NW! World-class modular small-diaphraghm microphones
- complete line


SM9, Solo6 Be, Twin6 Be, CMS65, CMS50, CMS40, Sub6 & CMS Sub - Tidepool is Focals' largest dealer in the NW - Call to arrange a demo

Earthworks - Accurate microphones for studio & live use

Crane Song - peerless signal processing

Rupert Neve Portico Mic preamps, eq's & compressors - in stock, great prices, call

Pro Audio Rentals - Portland recording equipment for rent

Frontier Designs - Alphatrack & Tranzport DAW controllers - in stock

True Systems - Precision 8 preamp - in stock & on sale - $2075

AEA R84, N8, N22, R92, R44, R88, TRP, RPQ & RPQ 500 - Ribbon microphones & ribbon mic preamps - Made in Pasadena California! In stock

ADAM S1X, A3X, A5X, A7X - Active studio monitors - in stock, call to arrange demo

Furman - industry standard surge protectors, line conditioners - full line

Heil microphones - PR20, PR22, PR30, PR35, PR40 & PR48 dynamic mics -
Quality affordable dynamic mics

Lynx Studio Technology Aurora -
Aurora 8 & 16 & Hilo digital audio converters
- in stock

Millennia Media - purist mic preamps, channel strips, eqs & compressors - full line

Radial Engineering - direct boxes, re-amps, splitters, 500-series Workhorse - full line 

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